Only One Jazz Orchestra (OOJO)Dialogue with Colours (DWC)音樂會

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Only One Jazz Orchestra (OOJO)Dialogue with Colours (DWC)音樂會

Date : January 23, 2020

Time : 8pm

Venue : Y Theatre, Youth Square

Presented by : Only One Production

Concert Title : Dialogue with Colours by Only One Jazz Orchestra

Description of the concert : 


Only One Jazz Orchestra (OOJO) is a high standard, versatile and professional jazz orchestra made up of all local active and experienced musicians in Hong Kong.  Graduated from either local institutions or overseas academies, members from OOJO are all professional musicians, having teaching and performing roles in Hong Kong.  

Only One Jazz Orchestra (OOJO)是一隊高水準及充滿靈活性的爵士樂隊。所有成員都是本地專業及活躍的年青音樂家。他們畢業於本地或海外各大專院校,並在香港擁有任教及演出的豐富經驗。為了讓本地的樂手及剛畢業的學生有更加多本地演出經驗,Only One Jazz Orchestra絕對是一個合適的地方以開展他們的潛能至另一階段。  

Dialogue with Colours (DWC) uses music & colours to bring out emotion, let people release their emotion by this theatre concert and use music to communicate with the audience.  It targets to let the audience to express themselves, to give themselves a self moment when they are listening to music from different ‘colour zones’.


Different varieties of music including classical in jazz, standard jazz, newly arranged pop and rock will be presented by different instrument within the jazz orchestra interacting with colours.  This is definitely a form of jazz orchestra music.  Together with the secret effect which the audience will experience during the show, DWC will be a special, memorable & remarkable concert welcoming the coming of 2020!

這個音樂會將以Only One Jazz Orchestra內不同的樂器組合,加上多變的燈光特別效果,分別演繹全新改編的爵士及搖滾樂,傳統爵士樂,以及以爵士樂演繹古典音樂等等。這絕對是一場精彩的爵士樂演出。再加上同場特別加插的神秘效果,彩語一定會為觀眾在迎接2020年送上一個值得紀念,精彩絕倫的音樂體驗。


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