Broadway Audition Experience with Viveca Chow 百老滙音樂劇甄選工作坊

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日期:2018.7.19 (四)
名額:10人 (先到先得,以繳費時間為準)
對象:15歲以上 任何對音樂劇歌唱有興趣人士
教學語言: 英語、廣東話
地點:花好音樂廳- 中環機利文街50號德享大厦10樓(上環E3/ 中環B)
課前準備 : 
2)歌曲背景音樂MMO 只接受USB/ipod/iphone, 會用iTunes 播放
** 如果你在選歌方面有困難,報名後你會收到一封電郵,裡面會有你的報名資料,繳費提醒和Viveca 建議的參考歌曲**


周孔嘉(Viveca Chow)於近年獲Tony Award提名的原版百老匯音樂劇「西貢小姐」重演中參與演出,令她成為首位土生土長的香港人,在紐約百老匯音樂劇中獲得演出角色。她以最優異成績,畢業於被稱為擁有全美十大音樂劇課程之一的Point Park大學,取得榮譽藝術學士學位。除了音樂劇外,Viveca還參與Visa Card、Tiffany&Co.、Oxford University Press、Buzzfeed等商業廣告及宣傳的幕前拍攝工作。 Viveca很高興能分享她在紐約成為一名專業演員的經驗和知識,期待與大家見面!

本節目只給予花好音樂廳會員參加。如閣下未成為會員,請你填寫會員申請表格登記成為會員。你可網上填寫申請表格: 或於活動前於場地填寫會員申請表格即時入會。

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Your favorite Musical is calling for performers, but Audition is always scary.So you have prepared a Killer-song to show off your singing capabilities. Do you need someone from the industry & musical-lovers to guide youFlower Music proudly presents a Broadway Audition Experience workshop featuring the first female Hong Konger VIVECA CHOW who make it to the Broadway Musical Stage - MISS SAIGON Revival. Viveca is travelling back to Hong Kong and she is here to share with you what REALLY happens at a BROADWAY Audition. Let go of the traditional rehearsal room, we provide an intimate NOW: 

what you can do better?
andcozy(You can
2) MMO - please note that pianist will not be available 
1) A 32-bar solo song from musical theatre repertoire - within your vocal range
What to prepare: 

Language: English/Cantonese
Address: 10/F, Tack Building, 50 Gilman Street, Central, HK
Venue: Flower Music 10
For Who: aged 15+ Musical Theatre lovers
Quota: Max 10 per class (first-come-first served)
Fees: HK$350
Time: 1900-2100
Date: 2018.7.19 (Thurs)

music space for participants, you will have a chance to sing your audition song in 32-bar, let's share and learn together!
bringUSB, iPod, iPhone . The format of the file should be .mp3/.wav - supported by iTunes). 
Please try to prepare an offline file
** If you have trouble choosing songs, you can find a suggested reference
songlist in the email after you have submitted application
form. Don't worry ^^

Viveca Chow was recently in the original Broadway cast of the Tony-Nominated revival MISS SAIGON. This made her the first born-and-raised Hong Konger to land a role in a musical on Broadway. She graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Point Park University, listed as one of the top 10 Musical Theatre programs in the United States. Aside from theatre, Viveca has appeared in commercial and industrial work for Visa, Tiffany & Co., Oxford University Press, Buzzfeed and more. Viveca is excited to share her experiences and knowledge in being a professional actor in New York and looks forward to meeting everyone!