【Music Night Kowloon:JAZZ LADIES】

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【Music Night Kowloon:JAZZ LADIES】


The one-and-only all ladies jazz band formed in Hong Kong is ready to give you a unique musical experience.

Coming from different musical backgrounds, Zoe Ng (Saxophonist), Seen Tung Lee (Keyboard) and Clover Lei (vocalist) gather to create as they share the same passion for music.

With a charismatic personality that manifests itself in the “Jazz Ladies” group, they absorb the flow of tunes and wraps it in their own style to successfully create an "intimate, moody yet nonchalant" connection with the listeners. Do expect to find jazz, blues, soul, original compositions and share a good time with the “Jazz Ladies”.

Clover Lei Music - Vocal/Bass
Zoe Ng - Saxophone
Seen Tung Lee - Keyboard
Genre: Jazz / Blues / Soul

地點︰美孚青山道800號饒宗頤文化館 演藝廳



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